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Frequently Asked Questions

Will, you be the photographer for our wedding,

or will it be someone else from your team?

-Yes! Kate has photographed every wedding (with the exception of 2)


How long have you been photographing weddings?

– Since 2013.


How do you work at weddings?

(Candids, comfortable prompting/posing, journalistic)

– We have a very Traditional, Laid-back style. We are very comfortable posing you, but we’re also quite stealthy when getting candid photos.


How would you describe your artistic style?

– Over the years I tend to lean more towards a Contrast Rich, Dark Color feel, but have also done a Lighter and Muted color as well.


Do you offer aerial photography?

– No we do not.


Can you share full wedding galleries with us?

– Yes we can!


If we hire you for only a part of the day, will you book other events that day?

– Nope. We only take on 1 event per day. This allows room for things to change without issue.


What's included in your pricing?

– Time of photographing the events, Editing Photos, Cost of supplies.


Are there travel fees?

--If the event/job is more than 45 minutes away, there is a travel fee of $75. If over 2 hours, an additional fee may be charged.


How many photos can I expect to receive for 8 hours or per hour?

– From experience, most of our 8-hour weddings, with 2 photographers, depending on the events of the day, can expect anywhere from 850 – 1200 photos.


Do you retouch the photos?

To what extent? If I have a favorite photo, will you perfect it before I print it?

– Yes, we do basic retouching. We will not edit to the point where you look completely different. If you have a photo you’re absolutely in love with, then Absolutely! We will work to make it perfect for you to print.


Do you have a second photographer you work with?

-- Yes! We have a wonderful team and network of photographers who we work hand in hand with. 


Do you have a contract I can read over?

– Yes, absolutely.


What other services do you offer?

Engagement sessions, boudoir sessions, etc.?

– We have done a wide variety of photos over the years. We started with Commercial Modeling in 2011, and to this day we photograph Families, Proposals,  Pets, Engagement, Head shots, Bar Mitzvahs, etc.


Are rehearsal dinners included in the price?

– No, but it can be arranged. We’re pretty easy going and flexible with our schedules.


What is your payment structure?

– It is deposit upfront to hold the date, and the balance is due 2 weeks before the event. Payment arrangements can be set up as well.


How much is the retainer?

– Our retainer is $400.

How quickly do you return photos after the wedding, and in what format (USB, online gallery, prints)?

– We provide a sneak peek within 24 hours (usually the same night) and then we provide an Online Gallery within 5-8 weeks. Once the gallery is approved, we ship out your final gallery and flash drive.


What quality or types of images will I receive? Will they be high resolution or web resolution?

– All images on the flash drive will be High Resolution.


Am I required to purchase prints through you?

– Absolutely not.


What type of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

--We shoot Nikon, and yes, we always have back up cameras, batteries, lenses, etc.


Do you offer albums?

– Yes we do! Our average album costs around $400.00. Turn around time is 2 weeks.


Can we give you a list of shots we want to make sure are captured?

– Yes, this is something we will sit down and set up around the 1-month mark before your event.


Will we have rights to the images?

– You will have printing rights. Copyright remains Kate Melody Photography


In the event you will not be able to photograph my wedding (last minute), do you have a backup plan?

– Yes! We always have a Plan B or C. We have a network of Photographers, whom we would have to take our place in case of an emergency.


Will you be posting our images to social media, blogs, or magazines/publications?

– Yes. Normally with every wedding, we share anywhere from 5-10 photos on our Facebook/Website, and in Wedding groups for advertising. They will also be printed to be put in our book for consultations and possibly bridal expos.

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